ART on the FRONTLINE is a project of social criticism, local empowerment, and cultural celebration. It is our way of exposing injustice and violation perpetrated by the armies, rebel groups, and multi-national interest groups terrorizing the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa and it is our way of exposing the injustice and violation of the way the rest of the world tells our stories. Art on the Frontline is also an invitation to meet powerful people working at one intersection of conflict and creativity. This project grows out of our belief in the power of stories to dismantle negative stereotypes and to forge human connections across divides. The world is increasingly aware of the millions of victims of war and rape in the Great Lakes Region, the artists in this series bring you different stories from the frontline.

Who ART on the FRONTLINE is:

We are a collection of artists and cultural curators from the Great Lakes Region who stand for peace in the face of war and injustice and believe in the power of art to cultivate critical thought, encourage non-violent self-expression, and catalyze positive social transformation.

We have come together through the efforts of the Yole!Africa cultural center in the east of the DRCongo.

What ART on the FRONTLINE does:

We challenge global injustice through cultural critique. Collectively we offer space for creative expression and organize a series of trainings, activities, and events that allow local populations to master the necessary tools to share their stories with global audiences.