In Africa, where oral communication has such an essential place in the transmission of
traditions, stories and knowledge, cinema is one of the most efficient mean of
expression. Thus it is a perfect tool for developing young peoples’ potential to enact
social changes. It plays a vital role in bringing people together in mutual
understanding, thus encouraging the first steps toward reconciliation after years of
prolonged conflict.


ART on the FRONTLINE is a project of social criticism, local empowerment, and cultural celebration. It is our way of exposing injustice and violation perpetrated by the armies, rebel groups, and multi-national interest groups terrorizing the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa and it is our way of exposing the injustice and violation of the way the rest of the world tells our stories. Art on the Frontline is also an invitation to meet powerful people working at one intersection of conflict and creativity. This project grows out of our belief in the power of stories to dismantle negative stereotypes and to forge human connections across divides. The world is increasingly aware of the millions of victims of war and rape in the Great Lakes Region, the artists in this series bring you different stories from the frontline


The Congo International Film Festival (CIFF), founded in 2005 in Goma, is the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s first international film festival. CIFF is organized by Yolé!Africa and Alkebu Film Productions and brings together artists and activists from around the world who share a common vision of positive social transformation through critical creativity.

Beyond its status as a radical film festival, CIFF also serves as the premier artistic platform in North Kivu for Dance, Music, and Digital Arts performance and training. CIFF was founded by Congolese filmmaker and activist Petna Ndaliko Katondolo, who continues to serve as artistic director of the festival in partnership with executive director Chérie Rivers Ndaliko

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