In Africa, where oral communication has such an essential place in the transmission of
traditions, stories and knowledge, cinema is one of the most efficient mean of
expression. Thus it is a perfect tool for developing young peoples’ potential to enact
social changes. It plays a vital role in bringing people together in mutual
understanding, thus encouraging the first steps toward reconciliation after years of
prolonged conflict.
ALT2TV aims both to develop a new generation of Congolese activists and filmmakers
who can create awareness through film and to professionalize filmmaking in the
community. It is based on creative exchange between young people and
professionals, between Congolese and filmmakers /activists coming from different
countries around the world. Through ALT2TV, Congolese youth and international
guests come together to learn from one another without prejudice and to make films
that contribute to sustaining peace and promoting development in eastern DR Congo
and in the Great Lakes region.

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Formulaire Formation ALT2TV

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