Through Yole!Africa’s activities, including the yearly Congo International Film Festival (CIFF), the youth of Eastern Congo has had opportunities to meet and network with youth and artist from neighboring countries as well as Eastern Africa. Recognizing that the DRC conflict is a conflict with impact on the region, and the different but common experiences of the impact of violence, the need for a regional network of youth and artists was identified.

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As a result, NYAVU was launched in 2009 at the 4th annual SKIFF in Goma, North Kivu province. Both CIFF and NYAVU are committed to providing both opportunities for professionalization of artistic and technical skills as well as opportunities for exhibition of local productions. It aims to bring exposure to participating artists while supporting the development of their careers, and initiatives that foster peace and development in the region.

Vision:         A diverse Great Lakes region and eastern Africa free of violence and conflict, its peoples living in peace, with opportunities and space for self-expression for youth and artists

Goal:           To provide a platform for young artists for creative and artistic expression in order to promote peace, cultural/ethnic  diversity, social justice and development in the Great Lakes region and  Eastern Africa

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