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Artistic Director
Petna Ndaliko is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker whose cinematic style combines rhythm, image, and social critique with digital innovation to challenge traditional narrative structures. His films skirt the boundary of fiction and reality and provoke reflection on post-colonial African realities. As an activist, Petna has been the featured speaker for the UN Habitat series on the implication of urban youth and art in increasing security in the Great Lakes Region of Eastern Africa; the UN Habitat World Urban Forum on youth crime prevention; the EU Colloquium on Culture and Creativity in Development. He has also won many film awards

Executive Director    

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.58.05 PMDr. Chérie Rivers Ndaliko is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies radical arts interventions in conflict regions of Africa through ethnomusicology, film studies, and cultural theory. Her work centers on film and music as catalysts of movements of socio-political transformation as well as on the ethics and aesthetics of humanitarian aid in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In this context she devotes particular attention to youth and gender politics. Beyond her academic engagement with issues of audio-visual representation, power, and resistance, she also advocates socially engaged scholarship and was a pioneer of Harvard University’s Social Engagement Initiative during her graduate training. Her forthcoming book offers a new paradigm for considering cultural radicalism and resistance in the face of humanitarian crises. She is also a composer and pianist who holds a B.M. in film scoring from the Berklee College of Music, an A.M. from Harvard University in Ethnomusicology, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in African Studies. In addition to her teaching and research, she also serves as co-director of the Yole!Africa cultural center in Goma, and faculty advisory for Yole!Africa U.S.

General Coordinator

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Ganza Buroko is a native of North Kivu, DRC. He received a degree in industrial engineering. He subsequently attended several training courses and workshops in the cultural and artistic field. He is currently the cultural coordinator at Yole! He challenges the oppressive status quo with creativity, disposition, and high ethical standards. To him, working with Yole! Allows him to promote shared ideologies of peace and justice through the arts. Ganza feels passionate about promoting young Africans through the arts and culture. Ganza works relentlessly to create activities that aim to enhance and maintain civil society. He wants to foster critical thinking for the young population even in the mist of constants wars around the region. Ganza contributes to promote the creative sector through the creation of cultural exchanges at Yole! Africa! To him, Yole! Is an artistic and cultural gateway to the world. Ganza is aware that in an environment where the youth often feel abandoned and pressured by negative influences coming from all fronts, Yole! Creates possibilities and inspire them to have hope and work towards a better future for and with them.

Assistant to the Directors

  165452_10200580474370033_1935427995_nAllason has been the Assistant to the Directors at Yole!Africa since 2011. She recently graduated from Seattle University with a B.A. focused largely on the work of Yole!Africa and the DR Congo. Allason founded the first branch of Yole!Africa US at Seattle University through which she ran numerous events for the community. She currently lives in Berlin and is still involved in many different aspects of Yole!Africa. She is member of the board at the national chapter of Yole!Africa US based out of UNC-Chapel Hill. She is the manager for the Congolese women’s collective Tulizeni (www.Tulizeni.org). Her passion is to be involved in managing and producing the arts especially as a medium for cross-cultural communication, something she is pursuing as a career in her post-graduate adventures. Among many reasons, Allason believes in Yole because she has experienced and seen through her work their the incredible sense of empowerment that the youth participating develop organically through understanding their own history and then finding creative ways to express their story.