2015 Fund-raising campaign. Donate now!

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Dear friends and comrades,

As many of you know, we are moving away from relying exclusively on foundation-based funding as it brings with it many compromises that limit what we can (and cannot) offer at the center. We have decided instead to try some community fundraising to match the spirit of Yole!Africa as a community organization.

So the good news is: anyone and everyone can help! If any of you feel inspired, here is our wish list—and more good news (for some people) is that donations to Yole!Africa US are now tax-deductible in the United States!

– A $100 contribution supports maintenance of 1 camera

– A $500 contribution supports generator fuel (meaning electricity) for three months
A $1,000 contribution supports software upgrade to film editing center
– A $1,800 contribution supports three months of internet access for 9,000 youth
– A $2,500 contribution supports three months of rent for Yole!Africa (which means space for 6,000 youth to study, practice, and be safe)
– A $5,000 contribution supports a 6 week intensive film, music, or dance workshop with local instructor (ideally we will offer all three next spring)
– A $7,500 contribution supports the launch of a women’s resource center
– A $10,000 contribution supports a 9 week intensive film, music, or dance workshop with an internationally acclaimed artist instructor.
– A $25,000 contribution supports Yole!Africa’s rent, electricity, and internet for a whole year! That means 18,000 thousand young people with a warm, well-lit, place to learn, study, and gather for a whole year! (note this does not support salaries, programming, equipment, transportation, or other costs, but paying rent is a great place to start!)
The Yole! team

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