Founder of Yole!Africa Visits Rio

From 17-28 march Yole!Africa founder, Petna Katondolo, was in Rio de Janeiro to participate at the WUF and visit several projects of Y!A partner Caramundo. the meeting was very successfull and possibly Petna will return around the end of the year again to give several video workshops.

As I walked passed the customs into the arrivals hall I couldn’t find no one i recognized. Directly 5 or more people asked me if i needed a taxi, but i tried to explain to them that i was waiting for someone. “Esperando un amigo”, I could utter. That gave me some space to absorb this place i landed. I tried calling Anouk of Caramundo, but her phone was off… so i just sat down in the arrivals hall. It was not more than 10 minutes that all of a sudden Petna walked up to me, as if he was living in RIO, he only carried a small light backpack. Always nice to meet friends in different places. We sat down for a beer and didn’t wait long before Anouk arrived from the busy city of Rio de Janeiro.

Anouk arranged a nice house for all of us, close to the center of town in Santa Teresa. Davi was our host, very kind, filmmaker of profession, speaks good English, something which is a rare gift in Rio as we later discovered.

Now I could go on writing about many things we experienced in RIO, which i will in the coming articles, but let me now just share with you some pictures, from our trip.

check the online photo album


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